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  • Problem with probe utility window

    I run pcdemon 3.5 with a renishaw phs1 head

    when I open my program , as usual I am prompted tip is not defined

    the band -aid fix is to go into probe utilitis window an mark used

    and everything works fine.

    twice this week when I came in on the afternoon shift, I open the program
    go into the probre utility window so I can define the tip and every thing freezes up

    the usual diagram of the head and tip build up is missing

    the only way I can get it to work is to shut everything down and do a tip quall

    has anyone experianced this
    is there another fix

    PC-DMIS CAD++ 4.3 MR1

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    No, I have not had that problem, but it is very possible your probe file got corrupted somehow. Hopefully you have a backup copy. Delete the current and paste a copy of the backup in it's place. If you don't have a backup you could print your current file and use it as a template to build another. If you do that don't delete the current file until you are sure the new one works, instead change the name or move it to your desktop or something. HTH
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      This probe not defined thing kinda sounds strange. Without a program open, go to edit>>set search path, and make sure your probes are going where you want them? make a new probe, qual, close. Open new program, it should default to the last used probe.

      James Mannes


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        I delete all the probes and necesary .dat files
        copy and paste from backup files then run tip qual program
        It seems to run fine for a couple of days and then it goes to [email protected]#$ again

        When I go into the probe utilities window every thing freezez up
        I have to shut the coputer down kill the power at the controler detete the tip files and .dat files and start all over again.

        very frustrating as you can imagine
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 4.3 MR1


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