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    I am suffering from the same thing, it will not go into the -x direction. this in on a Vento, Could the TP20 be causeing this? If I take it off an on it will go it the -x sometimes, And sometimes it works perfect. I have not had a chance to try a old tp2 on it.

    Yes Matt I have a 20 year old Mitotoyo, and that controler is being held by spit and tape. There something to be said about the something that is aged.
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    You said it was drifting in all 3 axis? Does it, by chance, have 2 joy-sticks? One for XY and the other for Z? Is this thing OLD, OLDER, OLDEST? If it is a double joy-stick, I think there are 'zero' levers for each axis on the sides of the joy-stick mounting surface. This is what we had before the retrofit, and the adjusters might be located on the 'back side' of the sticks, under the cover (I liked the double-joy better than the single 'stick', and I still wish I had a double). The other possibility is that the pot-meters of the joystick(s) are getting dirty. There are several type of electronic contact cleaners that can be sprayed right into the things without the worry of fire, you could always try one of those (it can't hurt).

    That old double-joy-box that used to run this machine had a ribbon cable attaching it to the machine that was about 2" wide and 1/4" thick, not like the little 1/4 round cable we got now. BUT, the old joy-box had NO brains in it, so it needed a wire for each and everything it was doing, the new one has brains and can 'talk' to the computer so it needs less to do more.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      paul, when i ran that machine i remember it drifting in Y alot (north & south). sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't. the machine i'm on now (global status) does the samething, drifts in Y badly. its very frustrating. the only thing you can do is get a new joystick box, the X & Y are not adjustable only the Z.


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        You can just replace the joy stick, thats how i fixed my drifting problem. It cost about 400 or 500 dollars for a new joy stick. We did it ourselves, not a drifting problem since, it's been about 4 months.

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          I went and looked at the machine we were having a problem with and it is drifting in 3 axis', but it is only drifting when the "enable" button is being held down to facilitate manual movement. Right now I think it is just a nusance. That machine is scheduled to be moved to a new room by B&S in the next 10 days or so. Consequently I am going to let them suffer with it until then.
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            It is not an old style box, only 1 stick. Came in today and it working ok, very little drift, oh yea only in the y. As for a new box, These guys do not like to spend money. And they still have not seen the bill for the destroyed wire harness. By the way I the B&S guy that was here said he did adjust the y axis on the controller, so maybe there is something to that can be adjusted.

            Thanks guys, would have gotten back sooner, but you friday was well like a monday, maybe today I will get a free friday. Naw, who am I kidding.
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