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    Does anyone do hyper reporting for version 3.7?
    I was asked to do a contour analysis for a part surface last week. I want to graphically see the deviations from one side of the part surface to the other side. I understand that a patch scan is needed for a contour plot. I've now learned how to set up a patch scan and enter a hyper report into a program. The only thing I still have not figured out is getting the colored deviated vectors to show up in the model from my scan.

    Can anyone help?

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    I do not think you are going to like Hypereport as a post inspect reporting tool. It was a great feature for set up instructions but for inspection reports it blows, you'll get very frustrated. There may be alternatives offered in this post I would stronly suggest trying the alternatives.

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      When you import your profile into the hyper report using the analysis window feature you have a few options that need to be ticked so you can graphically see the deviations. Under "All Dimensions" I usually tick the 1st,3rd,4th & 5th boxes and the "Show Arrows" box at the bottom. Also make sure the "Arrow Length Multipler" is set to a value thats proportional to your report. You'll have to experiment with these options to find what best suits your report.
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