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  • Wall Variation And Profile

    I AM MEASURING WALL VARIATION AND PROFILE ON A PART THAT HAS AND OUTSIDE RADIUS LETS SAY 19" AND TWO INSIDE RADII OF SAY 17" AND 18". THE TWO CONVERGE IN THE ID. I am using vector points, probing the model to get the correct vector normal to the model.
    I am taking a series of 6 points down the part in 4 quadrants 24points inside and out, for a total of 48 pnts, all the same distance from the origin. This I am doing to get a polar radius for the profile. I am having trouble setting up a centerline on this part as it is cone shaped and on a radius the centerline is set up on the drawing from two diameters one at top of cone, the other at the bottom.
    Am I setting up the centerline correctly by probing vector points to set up the centerline?
    I am intersecting the arc that I create from the from the 12 points in each quadrant with a line and creating pierce points from that for wall variation. Is there a better way of measuring wall variation?

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    By your message, I am assuming two things. One, you have cad, and two you must have completed an alignment.

    Check your print, perhaps you have a profile call out?

    If you have a profile call out, then you could report out the individual points showing the "t" value.

    This would probably be the simplest method.



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