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  • Asking question of advanced training

    Hi, everyone:

    I heard we can using one point to make alignment. They got the knoelege in advanced training. I tried to ask company to train me. But until now I still can't get the chance. I posted my question here. Really hope some body can help me.

    By the way, who have script documentation and can eamail to me . I will really

    appeciate. if you are in toronto, may be I can have chance to meet you!

    Thanks lot!


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    To use a "one" hit alignment you are going to need a standard setup or fixture to start with. On the fixture you then have an origin point marked somewhere on it.

    Build your part program based off of a translation to that fixture origin. Simply take a manual learned hit off that fixture origin mark, create a new alignment which translates the origin to that point, and then go from there.

    Of course from that one manual hit, you still have to build a DCC alignment which will actually pick up the Datums off the part or the fixture (if the later is your Datum simulator).

    The solution you ask for becomes somewhat more complicated when you want to add CAD into the equation, but it isnt to hard to do.

    Ive found it seems to work best if you create a independant fixture alignment program and then save your alignment at the end.

    Once you open your Part program file you can then recall the fixture alignment you created earlier as you first step. This way when you feel so inclined to do a CAD=PART alignment or other such fun. The DMIS demon doesnt screw up "err" fix your fixture alignment.

    The details one by one to do this is going to depend on all three of the below variables.

    1. Do you plan to use CAD?
    2. Is the CAD in Car Coordinates or Drawing coodinates (if automotive)
    3. Is you fixture a Datum simulator, or do you have to measure your datum features for each part.

    Hope this helps.
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      I'll have to look and see if I've got some code I can pass along but all you really need to do is translate your X-Y-Z to the point and use machine coordinates to get a "rough" part alignment. My personal favorite is using the "read point" (CTRL-G) and translating my X-Y-Z values to it...
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        You can do this. I would not recomend it unless you have very specific instructions for the operator. I have done it in a few select cases. When you do this pick one point to take a manual hit which is easily distinguished and easy to describe. The part must always be placed on the table in same orientation (rotation, correct face up, etc.)Then, put in a comment which will direct the operator to the point (a picture would be good too). Take the hit and hit done to make the point. Do an alignment so that the point is translated to the x, y and z orgin. Now, guess as to how much the point could have been taken off of location and how much the part may be off of square if it is picked up and moved. Set your pre-hit/retract distance such that it can "find" the part without crashing (.5"?). Go DCC and then measure up a few select features to be used for alignment. I suggest measuring a feature, aligning, measuring a feature, aligning, etc. Do this until you have enough features to make a fully DCC alignment. Change your prehit/retract back to a reasonable value then go back, re-measure the features and do another DCC alignment. Then, you are ready for the rest of your program.


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          Instead of hit a point, you can just read the position of the probe. thy Ctrl+G

          P1 =FEAT/POINT,RECT

          sometimes is very usefull.



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            Readpoints keep the monkeys hands off the machine except for hitting enter or ok.....thats how i would go.
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