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    I am running v4.2 MR1. I use TP7 probes. When building a probe configuration I want to use a 5mm by 100mm Stylus. I can use the thread reducers in the probe utilities list to reduce from 4mm thread down to 2mm thread, but the tip list does not show the 5mm by 100mm stylus. I use a 50mm extension and then a 5 by 50mm stylus in the build to get the 5mm by 100mm stylus length I need. Is there a reason why I don't have the 5mm by 100mm stlyus on the list?

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    I don't know why it's not in the list... But when I don't find a stylus, I constructit and put it in the USRPROBE.DAT.In your case, you just have to copy a M3 L100 D5 from the probe.dat, then copy it in the USRPROBE.DAT and change M3 by M4, it should appear in your list...


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