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  • lag error

    does anyone know what causes a lag error

    PC-DMIS CAD++ 4.3 MR1

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    If your cmm has to travel from A to B it has an X amount of time to do so. If it doesn't get from A to B in that time you get a lag error. It could be caused by a drop in air pressure, dirt getting into the air bearings or drives. With an old machine it could be parts wearing, I've a Global that will give this error if I try to run it @ 100%
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      Could be a shroud rubbing like on a manual knob if you have them (what kind of machine do you have?) Like Joe said dirty drive systems can be the culprit, I ask what kind of machine because there are many drive systems out there. If it is belt it could be loose or tight belts.

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        Originally posted by djone368 View Post
        does anyone know what causes a lag error

        Can be many things. But the biggest culprits have been mentioned in the previous replies.

        Typically, it is the machine being incapable of following the commanded move profile to within the limits of what the manufacturer deems acceptable. Typically these errors happen at accel or decel because those are the times that the most power is required. If your power is lacking to follow the commanded move profile, you will lag out. But an unexpected obstruction (like a cover seriously rubbing) may also cause this during motion.

        Unless you have this from day 1 (like Joe had on his Global), this errror is telling you that your machine is getting problems. Schedule some maintenance because your machine may be on the verge of being down.

        You can temporarily avoid this error by reducing accel and decel (if your controller allows this). Or fix any obstructions. Other than that, I suggest you call whoever does service in your area and get in line.

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          thanks for your input guys


          it is a B+S 3000

          the problem went away on its own

          maybe I will give it a real good cleaning this Friday
          PC-DMIS CAD++ 4.3 MR1


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