Installing MR3 Ver3.7 Points to Tutor

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  • Installing MR3 Ver3.7 Points to Tutor

    Everytime we try to do an install and set up of MR3 for Version 3.7 the set up starts installing Tutor, what is that about and what can we do to make it point to PC-DMIS? I downloaded the MR3 version from Wilcox's site and it installed just dandy on another CMM/PC here. Anyone got ANY ideas?

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    Are you installing on a DEA?

    If so, TUTOR needs to remain on your PC as DMIS looks for a couple files within TUTOR. If I remember correctly, you need to have COMPENS.DAT, COMP.DAT &/or COSDAT1.DAT. If you just leave TUTOR there, DMIS should find what it needs.
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      Please define Tutor?
      Is this a training aid for PCDMIS?
      Best Regards

      Rick Stanich
      B&S Xcel 765
      PCDMIS v3.7mr3
      XP Pro

      Advanced Technology Manufacturing


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        TUTOR is somewhat ancient, DOS based, software from B&S. Don't know if it was originally provided by DEA, but older DEA cmms usually require that TUTOR remain on the host computer as DMIS looks for a couple files that TUTOR generates. These files, if I remember correctly, have to do with the volumetric compensation and error mapping of the cmm.
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