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    I have an existing program for an insert that we need to check on Monday. I have been told that we are moving a molding wall by .015 and that there will be no updated model reflecting this change. I know that I can use the thickness option in the linear open scan to show this area in spec. I have used this function with a sp600 (findnoms-relearn), but the program is written for a tp20, and really involved. If I have the settings set to findnoms and normal, I have had issues with the program trying to relearn its way around the this normal???? The molding walls are very close together and I know that if it tries to relearn its way around I will crash. I dont want to spend all the time reprogramming the whole insert for a SP600. Any Ideas???

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    I had a part in here a week or so ago and the part was trimmed .8 too long.

    I picked points on the UG model and then used the thickness option to off set the nominal point. Seems to work fine.

    Hilton Roberts

    "Carpe Cerveza"


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      Need linear scan

      I would love to do it that way, but the toolmakers want linear open scans at three diffrent levels over the wall


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        You can 'shift' the tolerance to determine if it is GOOD or BAD, if you are using a form/location tolerance of +/-0.030" and you are added +0.015" of stock thickness, change the tolerance to -0.015 / +0.045.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Simple and best time wise

          Thanks Matt,

          I dont know why I didnt think of it....I was so fixated on getting this to work...didnt event think of the easiest way out...Report wont have any red--thats what the higher ups want to see........



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            Tim, Unless there are some constraints due to die design, you should be able to use your SP600 in the program, just replace your TP20 probe with the SP600 and run it. Also, Matt's idea afterwards will do the trick.

            James Mannes


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              Good to hear from you........Thanks again for giving me the 1 hr run down on datapage a few weeks ago, cant thank you enough..... The customer was happy.

              As for just switching the program over to the SP600...cant do it..the program was wriiten for a TP20..Cores, and Ejector pin holes werent modeled into the ejector insert. We generated the scans then manually took out the areas to skip over. One thing that I have found out using the sp600 is that it doesnt like to skip over areas and start scanning again(defined), I start loosing more and more data, and eventually it gets lost...thinks that it is on the opposite side of the part...relearn always seems to work better, but not without the holes in the model I have to reprogram everything!!!!


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