Find hole command issue (Auto Round Slot)...

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  • Find hole command issue (Auto Round Slot)...

    I am attempting to find hole "center" for an inside round slot auto feature on .090" thick sheet metal part. I use it all the time for circles and don't have any issues. It finds the hole correctly as it goes just into the slot opening and stops. The flats of the slot are on the top and bottom. When probe goes to take sample hits to determine center it first takes a point on the bottom edge of slot. It then goes straight up presumably to take a hit on the top edge but it is trying to go further than the width of the slot and crashes every time into the edge. I have verified the nominal values for the slot dimensions are correct. I have reduced the prehit also just to rule that out. I have also tried measuring another slot but same result. I believe this is actually the first time I have attempted to use find hole center on a round slot. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    You can try square slot instead and use the width option.
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      Thank you I will try that!


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