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  • Paste with pattern???

    Whenever I use any type of math to find a surface with paste with pattern I need to manually edit... Anyone else got any ideas.

    6 inch tall 1mm thick cylinder out of round by 2.5 mm

    Need planes on the top edges and 2 more steps down for parallelism

    I take P1 as a point on the outside in the X... p2 = p1.x - .5mm moving in the Z

    When I create a 7x 45 deg polar pattern all the subsequent even numbered points refer back to p1.x and I need to manually edit them...

    This also happens with rectangular arrays...

    Any Ideas?

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    I believe there is a way to take a sample hit for vector points that will allow you to take a sample hit perpendicular to the vector that your actual hit will be, which it appears is what you are trying to accomplish.

    It may be in vs 3.7, because I can't find it in 3.5 that I'm running currently. I used to use 3.7 at another shop.
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    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      Been there tried that but thanks part has an edge radius Z points sllip off

      The real issue is any variable whether in a feature or assigned when paste with pattern is used can not refer to the appropriate element from which it was taken only the original one.


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        What version are you using? I just tried it in 3.5 MR2 and it worked fine. I took a hit with a 1,0,0 vector in the diameter(P1). Then took another point on the surface changing the target coordinates to P1.x+.2,0,0. Then I copied the two points and pasted them with a 45 angle 7 times and the 2nd point stated relative to the point right before it.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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          3.2063 must be the problem... thanks for everything... will try in 3.7


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            I think I remeber that being an issue with 3.2063. It seems with every version that comes out the paste with pattern changes a little when it comes to things like alignments and variables. You gotta love those enhancements/unenhancements/re-enhancements.
            PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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