Angle of Rotation and Angle of Inclination

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  • Angle of Rotation and Angle of Inclination

    We are trying to rewrite or duplicate an older program that is written in U•SOFT to PC-DMIS. The U•SOFT program reports a couple of dimensions as AR (Angle of Rotation) and AI (Angle of Inclination). Can these dimensions be duplicated in PC-DMIS and if so, How? Thank you.

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    An angle of rotation is relative to your work plane. If you are in z plus, then your angle of rotation would be zero to 360 from either x or y 0. Your angle of inclination would be a diagonal line, surface coming from level at 0 degrees to a max of 180 degrees for a flat surface, with 90 degrees at a perpendicular position relative to your work plane. Hope this makes sense.
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      Yes is is possible use angle type 2D for the rotation and 3D for the true inclination.


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        Thank you. I will look at this to see if PC-DMIS will duplicate U•SOFT results.


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