Cant get probes to calibrate.

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  • Cant get probes to calibrate.

    Ok, I'm hoping I am having just one of those moments. We purchase a new cmm. Our 25th one or so. I set it up exactly like our other cmm's except for the fact that it is a new SF 7.10.7. I have 2 probe racks with 10 probes. It is identical to many of the other cmm's we have. We run a calibration program that calibrated all probes for that cmm. I keep getting 3 probes that fail. One of them has 100% failure, another has about 75% failure and the last one is about 30% failure while calibrating probe angles. It is blowing my mind. I have tried manually doing it. I have gone over every setting. The one thing that all 3 probes have in common is that they all have extended force modules. None of them are longer than the mas length. I have tries replacing modules, replacing entire probe, deleting probe files and recreating, manual, man+dcc, dcc+dcc. The one thing I am doing right now is I just replaced the TP20 and its calibrating right now. If probes don't calibrate again I'm going to replace the PH10. Anyone else have any other suggestions I may be missing. Thanks

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    How are they failing? Tip diameter or Std Dev?

    Are the limits for these set the same as your other machines?

    What are the actual probe builds (in terms of length and tip size etc)?
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