Over travel error, now z-axis is creeping

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  • Over travel error, now z-axis is creeping

    I do my maintenance on Mondays and here is what happened.

    I bring the z down to nearly the lower stop to clean the scale, then up to finish. As it was coming down, it "hopped" and immediately popped an over travel error.
    I shutdown the machine, restarted, re-homed and finished scale wipe down. The calibration runs all went fine but....

    The z travel will not allow me to go to its maximum value. We tried a few power downs and restarts. The machine will run programs provided I do the manual sections first, then go completely DCC. The probe change function thinks the z is higher than it is though, it will try to crash if I attempt to use it. Also, the last home action I did the position for the z is dropping further down. The other axes do not seem to be affected.

    Here is a link to my google drive with photos of the error, the lower travel point is now too low it would seem. I also took photos of the gear box and the max travel height. There are two videos as well, one of the home action and another of the upper travel limit that is not right.


    Changed the access so you don't have to log in-sorry!

    What confuses me most is that the z will travel to the actual maximum on home, but creeps down and limits my travel after.

    I will call Hexagon today, but I wanted to pick brains here too.
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    Maybe bad/leaky Z counterbalance.
    This is what physically controls the Z ram position.
    Tech may need to just tweak cable tensions or may need a whole new cylinder.
    No, it is not user serviceable
    (unless you have an older DEA with an air pressure regulator on the bridge, and even that would just be a bandaid).


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      We had a similar problem before and the tech's comments had to do with "cleaned scales" and that was it.
      I cleaned the z like 3 times for good measure yesterday.