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  • $$ for 3.5 probe changer software

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. B&S is charghing me $2000.00 to get the probe changer option to 3.5 pcdmis. Is this typical or is it free.Please someone let me know.

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    Believe it or not...

    B & S does normally charge for activation of this module. This is truly a rip off though. I have a client that just spent about $8K to catch up on his SMA , then decided to buy a change rack. Guess what, it won't work without the module activated, GUESS WHAT? B & S wanted $2K more !!!

    They argued with them, threatened to send the portlock back, and after a while, B & S gave in.

    I think this is poor customer service, charging for the other modules seems fair, at least you know about them, but this is just a rip-off, IMO.

    Try to negotiate with them, if they get cocky, just let them know the next machine you buy will be from a competitor and you will make sure to tell all your other buddies about this....its worth a try..
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      fleece the sheep

      They tried that with us when we bought a tp20 & rack about 2.5 years ago. Then at the end of last year we bought a tp200 & rack. Had the salesman down and discussed options. Requested a quote for tp200, 6 modules, rack, & anything else needed to be up and running. Got quote, cut PO, equipment came in. Wait a minute, got 8 modules instead of 6 and no pi200 interface necessary to use tp200! Salesman said $$$ but we'll ease your pain a bit b/c of the misunderstanding. . . I said no. I sent an email with my original quote request attached and basically said, you're supposed to know what I needed to make this work, I even had you come down so you would be certain of exactly what I did and did not have. You can have the 2 extra modules, (list $650.00 ea) and send me what I need, or you can have it all back. Of course they got me the equipment. And salespeople wonder why only lawyers and politicians are held in lower esteem than they.
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        when I was in the PC-DMIS CAD class last Nov. the instructor (who will remain nameless here) said to not even bother with probe changers. they take up valuable CMM table space!

        nuff said

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          table space vs. calibration time

          I guess that would depend on the type of parts you check. I am in a downhole oilfield job shop. I have two racks with 12 tips set up total. I *really* need at least 9 of them for things that come through on a regular basis. Sometimes I spend up to a week programing one job with just 2 or 3 tips and sometimes I get an unending parade of "hot" stuff and I have used up to 7 or 8 different tips in one day, and most of those would be with multiple angles. The tip I use most has 44 angles calibrated at present. I have the racks at the edge of the table, they do not use very much space and they save me a *lot* of calibration time.
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            They don't take up that much space unless you have gone very small on measurement volume. THEY SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME! Been both ways and faster is better.
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              We have a TP20 6 Module Changer that came with our CMM that wasn't even in use!!!

              I had to order more modules and set it up. As far as time, it takes less time to change the module yourself but considering we've damage around 6 probes in the past, this is the way to go!!

              If you want a safe way to change the probe and avoid inspector handling this is the best way. Ours doesn't even sit on the surface plate. It sits in the back of the CMM. I guess it would depend on what kind of CMM yours is. We use a Sheffield.
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