Can not connect to lms license server

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  • Can not connect to lms license server

    We just recently bought a LMS offline seat. My IT guy installed it on the server and then installed PC-DMIS v2015.0 on the computer I will be using for offline programming. This morning I tried to start PC-DMIS and I get the following error message "PC-DMIS cannot connect to the LMS license server. Feature rejected (cannot connect to server)". The IT guy is on vacation so he is no help, but I need to start on a hot part. HELP!
    DeWain Hodge

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    maybe you need a key/file for the license? I know that with HASP you have to request a key from Hex, and run the file
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      If I read your post correctly, you have a licensing server in your own network, and can use that license from any computer inside the network? If that is the case, and you can't connect to the server you need your IT person (unless you have the rights to spelunk in the network server...).

      But first of all, verify that your normal network operations work - maybe you're just disconnected from your net?
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        It appears that the server IT install the license on is down. I'm waiting for a call back from our outside IT because our guy is on vacation. I will post what I find out.

        I finally got the server up and can ping it, but I still can't access the license.
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        DeWain Hodge


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          Finally! I had to let PCD tech support (they were very helpful) remote into the server to get it installed correctly, but it works great now!
          DeWain Hodge


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            HEXAGON please note!!! Fix LMS to KNOW when IT people are on vacation and adjust code accordingly.....
            (am thinking this is not a bug)
            Scoreboard reads:
            HASP: 1 LMS: 1
            this is gonna be a tight match!


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