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  • Bitmap error

    We have been trying out 3.7 mr3 the last couple of days when time permits, still using 3.5 mr2 for most as that is what all our programs were written in.
    Something happened today on 1st shift and now we keep getting a bitmap error every time we open a program in 3.5, have to click it 2 time to get rid of it. Ist shift guy has been on the phone with b&s today and still not fixed. BTW 1st shift had to leave an hour early so I don't know what he has tried or not tried. I'm sure the board will be faster than b&s. TIA.
    2009mr1/4.2 mr1
    B&S EXCEL 9-15-9

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    This happened to us awhile back, under your PC-DMIS directory, there is a file called logo.dat, it calls out a .bmp file of some sort, usually set to a Wilcox or Brown and Sharpe logo. This file probably doesn't exist and it will give you the error, just change it to your logo or delete it from the logo.dat file


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