Getting data into Excel aftert the fact

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  • Getting data into Excel aftert the fact

    Are there any routines available that can take PC-DMIS data for multiple parts after the fact and dump it into an Excel spreadsheet for statistical analysis? I see a few routines on here that work WHILE PC-DMIS is running, but I'm looking for something that can run outside of PC-DMIS. Something that will take the PC DMIS output (maybe in CSV format?, perhaps in TXT format?) and dump it into a single Excel spreadsheet. Compile the data AFTER I've run 25 or so parts. Does someone have something like that?

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    If you have saved all of the program runs separately then you can open each one up and go to FILE>EXPORT>EXCEL to run the PCD2EXCEL script. You do not need to re-execute the program as it just reads back through the open program and exports all of the dimensions to excel in either .csv or excel format.
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