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  • Want to Display Status Window While Executing

    Our Status Window used to display only while Executing. Now it doesn't. I have checked VIEW/OTHER WINDOWS/STATUS WINDOW, and now it only displays WHILE NOT EXECUTING --- it disappears while executing, and then pops back up when the execute is complete. I want the opposite. What stupid little check box did my newbie partner check (or uncheck) that I cannot see??? ("Hey Newbie!! DON'T EFF WITH THE SETTINGS!!") Even my saved User Layout doesn't restore this. We had an outside tech come in for a few hours --- would he have had any reason to eff around with this setting??? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Look in F5=> General. There is a window with a bunch of check boxes for all sorts of stuff. Make sure that "Use program layout for execution" is checked. This makes it so whatever window layout you setup for programming is retained when you click "execute".
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      Thank you, DaSalo, you got me on the right track!! What I WANTED was for the Status window to show ONLY during execution, and close out when not executing. I had selected to show the Status window, but I selected it while the CMM was not executing. Your 'fix' indicated to me that there is a layout while executing, and another when it is not executing. That led me to try to select the Status Window while the machine was executing --- I've not tried to change settings while the machine was executing before. So, I deselected the Status Window, and DESELECTED "Use program layout for execution", and started to execute a program. While it was executing, I SELECTED the Status Window (from VIEW/OTHER WINDOWS), and up it popped. When the program was done executing, poof, it disappeared --- just what I wanted! Kinda particular on my part, but I like seeing the results in 'real time' and I also DON'T like to see the window open (taking up space) when it's static. Now I'm happy as can be, and will never ***** and moan on this forum ever again.


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