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  • Profile 0.03/6

    Good Afternoon, All:

    I have a flat surface that has the following Profile call out:
    Profile l 0.03/6 l
    I know this is a form only profile, and that it needs to be +/- .015 per 6mm square.
    My question is this; How do I need to construct the Feature Control Frame (FCF), to get PC-Dmis to dimension it appropriately? Do I need to build a group of 6mm x 6mm scans?

    Thanks in advance

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    Good question, id like to know as well.
    B&S One
    PC-DMIS CAD v2014

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      As it turns out, you can do it as a flatness, but not as a profile. There is a check box that says "Per Unit". Select that and you can enter the second value.
      Now we both know!

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        you can also do it with profile of a line, still not the entire surface but much better than using flatness i would have thought.


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