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  • ? about alignments in loops

    I have a part the has a feature set rotated 4 times. In this set there are 2 holes called out from other features of the set.

    Now I have looped the feature set and was succesful at probing all features. I had applied tolerances inside the loop to get all results in the Last Execution Report.

    My question is about the alignment inside of the loop...it was applied in order to probe the 2 holes, but the results do not reflect it in any but the first set. The numbers are way off.

    any thoughts on this one?

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    The part should be dimensioned during the loop. Once the loop ends the previous alignment is in effect and all dimensions are reported to it. Or rotate the alignment for each set when all is said and done to get the reported values to match the print statements.



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      Why don't you copy and paste with pattern instead. It might work better for what your doing.
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        I agree with the measure-dim, before proceeding with the loop, then all results will be relevent with the current alignment.



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          yes, I am dimensioning inside the loop.

          Tech suggested the "pattern" approach for a different issue. I tried it for the other issue and it did work for that, but it was just a work around not a solution.
          My approach on programming is that the "pattern" is good stuff, but "looping" is great stuff.
          Looping creates one set of features in the program.
          Pattern creates potentialy huge programs.
          If the customer makes a change inside the feature set, in a "loop" its pretty easy to change, in a "patter" could be a nightmare trying to find all the items to be changed.
          So, to me looping is the better, quicker, neater choice.

          still have my original issue in this thread though
          Which one gets ridden today? MPH vs MPG..tough choice, both are FUN

          Starrett RGDC 4028-24 :alien:
          Demon vintages 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 2009


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