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  • Error in connect=0 message

    I am wondering if anyone has ever encountered this error message before....

    When opening PCDMIS I receive an error message of 'error in connect=0' immediately after selecting the probe to use. I can clear the error by clicking okay in the box but after that cannot execute a new or existing file. The CMM will start up without issue and I can get it to move. Multiple reboots have not worked.

    I am running a Global Performance with PCDMIS 2014. I still have 2013 installed and tried running with that version but with the same results.

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    Are you tried on hyperterminal?
    CTRL+E , C, B
    then key in 'status' and it shows a error message.
    B&S Global Status,PH10MQ
    B&S Global Performance,Tesastar-M
    PC-DMIS 3.5/3.7/4.1/2010/2011 CAD
    msn:[email protected]


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