True Position inside a Loop

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  • True Position inside a Loop

    Has anyone done this? My loops are working great but now I'm getting crazy results for my true position. I'm using exact measure since legacy doesn't work for multiple features.

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    What do you mean by multiple features ? Maybe post some code on this for some insight .


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      I had a true position measured with Xact measure pass gage R&R and cap. studies on the CMM (PC-DMIS 2012). Yesterday a QE comes to me with a part that had been measured on another shift and the T.P. was .100 out of the .010 tolerance. I scoured through the program (that had been farmed out before my hire) and found nothing wrong. I measured the feature using different methods of measurement and found the T.P. to be good measuring .0038. After finding the T.P. was actually good I went into the program, deleted the T.P. dimension and re-entered it. The T.P. has been measuring good since then. I had to do this with 2 T.P. call-outs in this program.

      Try this
      Jesse Krook


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        What software verison are you running?


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