Importing Virtual DMIS code into PC DMIS

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  • Importing Virtual DMIS code into PC DMIS

    I'm looking for tips on importing Virtual DMIS programs into PC DMIS 2014. Not sure how to go about it. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    I've never done it but I assume Virtual DMIS can export into DMIS code. If that's the case, then a raw DMIS code can be imported into PCDMIS using the import function under file. Just be warned, it will not be a 100% direct translate.
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      Set ‘import” search path, within PCDMIS select File>Import>DMIS...
      I believe Virtual DMIS is pure DMIS and PCDMIS is not 100% DMIS compatible. I just exported a simple PCDMIS part program as DMIS, and then imported back to PCDMIS…it can’t even translate it back to its original codes.


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        Thanks guys. Will proceed with caution.


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