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  • 2014 question about File Header

    I have recently upgraded to 2014. The "File Header" in the edit window is acting different than previous versions and I am sure it is an easy fix, I just haven't found it yet!

    In "Part Name" I used to could type in the identification number and the part number like this" 143889 - 1", and that is what I would get...

    2014 is seeing it as a mathematical function and is subtracting the 2 numbers... how do I turn that off?
    I have Right Clicked and edited, but didn't see anything. Anybody know where this toggle is?


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    maybe instead of using a space as shown XXXX - X don't use the space XXXX-X

    I'm not sure if that will fix it or not but worth a try ???
    Jesse Krook


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      what if you give that part name from when you select New file, it also subtract?
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        Put a ' (single quote) in front of the number


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          don't use "-" (minus sign), use "_" (underscore).


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            All good ideas, I tried it without the space, and it still did it.

            The single quote and the underscore both worked though.

            Thanks... guess it is just one of the new features in DMIS.. it has a calculator in the file name box now! lol


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              The hyphen (minus sign) has a character code of 45. You could try using character code 150 instead (en dash). While holding the Alt key down enter 0150 then release the Alt key. This works for me using 2014 SP1 and keeps Pc-Dmis from evaluating it as an expression.
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