Proper use of profile, form only and form and location

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  • Proper use of profile, form only and form and location

    I have a part that does't have dimesnions, its only a profile call out, and at this point i dont have any datum created.
    My question is, if it calls for a profile of .020 A B C
    Can i use the option of profile "Form only" because i dont have the location from datums yet?

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    No, It's calling it 0.020 to ABC. If it called 0.020 only then you could use form only. If you use form and location you'll need a datum structure.


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      Can you "use that option"? Absolutely, it will produce a number, although it will be meaningless except possibly as a manufacturing aid.

      Using that practice and number for acceptance criteria is violating the drawing requirement of Form AND Location. It is unethical at the least, could lead to product issues, liability lawsuits and jail time at the worst. Your call, just flip a coin.

      If your part does not have dimensions you cannot produce what is being asked, engineering/customer needs to provide data.

      Unless I am totally misunderstanding what you're asking.


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