Can not see iges model after importing from Catia.

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  • Can not see iges model after importing from Catia.

    So, I'm new to the position. I'm now the only CMM programmer here. And I'm running into an issue. Here's what happens... our engineering department, who builds the catia model, converts their model to an iges file so that I can import it into PCDMIS. Well, here recently, when i try to import the iges file (model) into my program (using pcdmis 2010) it will go through the process. But when it's finished, it doesn't draw the model. I found out that our engineering department recently upgraded to CATIA V5. I'm not sure if this new version of Catia isn't jiving with pcdmis 2010 or what. But it's becoming a serious issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Why can I not import an iges model?

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    Try asking them to output the file as a STEP file and use that, it may solve your problem.


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      Verify in Edit -> Graphic Display Window -> CAD Levels... that the CAD model is still selected for display (all layers checked).
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        If it's an early version of 2010 (i.e. before mr2) it might have the weird autosave/cad display glitch. Try import model, close program, then reopen it.
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          I had this issue in versions around 4.0/4.1, don't recall it too much after that.

          The model and the program are probably not in the same units. Prior to V4 you wouldn't have been able to open it at all, from V4 onward it didn't matter. Except when it did.

          Try creating a program with a different name in the other units and opening the CAD. If it comes in, close the program, reopen the original, then import file type CAD, looking for the file you just created.


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