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    I just created this new tip, calibrated it. There is about twenty wrist angles and almost all of them ran through the calibration OK. I did have 3 wrist angles that I received an error during its initial dcc-dcc hits ( sp-25 ) after I take the hit(s) manually, I may have to take a few more but it eventually starts to calibrate on its own. After the tip was done calibrating, I received the error which is in the attachment. Anyone know why the calibration would stop in the first place? It would go up toward the sphere, but would stop at about .125 away from sphere. All the wrist before it and after it run fine, well most of them. There where 3 wrist angles that didn't calibrate totally on there own.
    Any comments or suggestions? I actually watched one of them run after I took my manual hits and it ran around the sphere and looked like it was .100 away from the sphere. I first thought I was hallucinating, but now I am beginning to thick it wasn't hitting the sphere. How can this be, its suppose to be calibrating the sphere with max./min. calibrations. It has to be in touch with the sphere(?)
    Note I also ran 2 different tips through before this and I am presently running another one after it. All ran or are running through fine.

    B&S ADVANTAGE 12-22-10, EXCEL 9-15-9, ETC.
    PCDMIS 4.1, 3.5mr2,

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