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  • Trouble with DCC

    I'm very new to programming with pc-dmis and I'm having trouble just getting a basic program to run in dcc. I "think" I'm doing it correctly I start with a manual alignment and then turn on the dcc mode and do the same alignment again. When I execute the program it goes thru the manual portion but then when it's supposed to move into dcc, there's nothing. Is there something I'm missing as to how to program in dcc, or how to activate and execute it correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Originally posted by jill2610 View Post
    ...but then when it's supposed to move into dcc, there's nothing. !
    It would be helpful to see your code, and avoid the basic questions like -

    Did you insert a Mode/DCC statement?

    Also, more information would not hurt. What do you mean when you say "there's nothing." ? Does it display a manual command? does the program end? Does it display an error? is there a status message on the lower left? is the speed set to 0? Is this a DCC machine?

    I know these questions might sound stupid to you, but we need to start somewhere. We know nothing about your situation yet. Bear with us (and these stupid questions) and we will get you through it.


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      Jill your first alignment (manual) is just so the CMM knows where your part is on the table. Then second alignment (DCC)(THE YELLOW ARROW "MODE/DCC") is the actual B/P alignment or manufacturing alignment. don't forget to put your avoidance move in before anything. make sure you see "MODE/DCC" is in your edit window (command mode) in summary mode look for the (YELLOW ARROW, MANUAL/DCC Mode)
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        Also if you're in an old version commands get added 'unmarked', that is they will be skipped during execution.

        When you run the program, after the manual alignment, when you say there is nothing is it that...

        1) Program executions ends (i.e. the execution mode window disappears) in this case it's likely that commands are unmarked

        2) You're prompted to take the hits which you expected to be in DCC - in this case you've not switched DCC mode on

        or is it something else?
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          I concur with Don...
          "show us the code..."


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