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  • remnants of 2014.1

    I recently got a new computer for our cmm and decided not to install 2014 or 2014.1 onto it but noticed the same choices of either tiny or gigantic icons in my (ever changing) toolbar that came with the 2014 versions that I didn't like to begin with. I also have that huge status pop up during program execution (another 2014 gem). I have an IT department that transferred things over, so I'm not an expert at where files may or may not be. Does anyone have an idea where I can get rid of the 2014 features I'm referring to? My latest version is currently 2013 MR1.
    I know I'm being picky but I'll take all the screen space I can get.
    Nemo me impune lacessit

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    In my own experience 2013 is far superior than 2014, I don't plan on switching back to 2014 anytime soon.
    Jesse Krook


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