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  • PCD2Excel Wizard

    Hi All,
    Just got upgraded to 4.1 and im having trouble using the PCD2Excel Wizard, its telling me "No Configuration Available"....And when i click configure it gives me a Run-Time error "339". What are the steps i need to take now?

    Never tell your problem to someone incapable of solving it!

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    Pcd2excel Wizard
    by Tested
    Has anyone tried to use the PCD2EXCEL Wizard yet?

    I tried to run it but I am getting a run time error.
    09-18-2006, 08:50 AM
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    For some reason, I cannot get the PCD2Excel to export anything.
    I keep getting a error message..Can someone help me out?
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    PCD2Excel Wizard
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    are people with the newer versions of pcdmis still using this or have they migrated to one of the newer excel output methods?
    I heard a rumor that...
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  • kmcmm
    by kmcmm
    This is the first time I tried using this wizard, I get a run time error:

    Run-Time error '91':

    Object variable or With block...
    11-02-2009, 10:25 AM