indivitual chart for each feature on roadmap

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  • indivitual chart for each feature on roadmap

    RUNING PC-DMIS - 3.7
    I have a request to check 120 features on one part, then run the program on 30 pc's to performe capability study, customer asked to have on each feature of the roadmap chart showing the trend . instead of label ID ,
    how can I do that , label box will be too big.
    Thank you in advance
    A Disho

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    It is done with data view
    this cost extra
    DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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      I've always used DataPage to track/monitor my measurement routines.

      I do this by setting up Statistics to collect data (I use dim name - may have to rename to make sense).

      Once I have sufficient amount of data collected, I pull it out of DataPage's Bar & Whisker Charts to have a quick look at all features measured (this is also sort of real time). This will give me descriptive stats along with a graph of my distributions for all dims. If I see any dims with undesirable results then I would do a Runchart for individuals to look for trends and patterns. I would also look at Reports - Data Reports to see individual raw data.

      I don't have all the fancy add-ons to perform all this tasks but hey it works for me. Saved a lot of unnecessary headaches later when in production.

      PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1


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        cape studies on 120 features is ridiculous - you should only have to do cape on critical features.


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          \v/inston - I agree. Forgot to mention that.

          There's several times when the customer wanted those - I would get back with the proj eng and let him know how long it will take and how costly it will be and sure enough they backoff. Someone's gotta pick up the tab - right?

          If you have to, this would be my approach.

          PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1


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