Setting up an offset hole into a work position

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  • Setting up an offset hole into a work position

    I am using PC-DMIS 3.6 on a MicroVal Manual CMM. I am having a problem setting up a work position on a part using a center hole as my main X-Y Zero and a bolt hole that is offset in both X & Y as a secondary datum. There are 3 bolt holes that are all not on the same bolt circle diameter and are all offset from the main center line. Can someone explain to me how to set up a work position with the center as my X-Y and also one of the bolt holes at pre-determined dimensions to set the part up as per the print. One other thing, one of my surfaces is at a 3 degree angle, so I am setting the part on a sine plate to have the bottom surface flat, so I can measure these holes properly. That surface is up and that is how the holes were machined.

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    Take the offset dimensions from one of the holes, use those dimensions as side a and side b of a triangle. Trig out the rotation angle to square part to the print. then measure both holes rotate to these holes and do an angle rotation from the center hole.


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      What layout tech said. If the drawing is vague and you can't get interpretation help I'd do the whole shebang to the tightest toleranced features.

      Everyone here will tell you that using 3.6 is a bad idea. There are even a few here that will tell you using a manual machine is a bad idea too. I am in the former camp but not the latter. I'm not sure how you use a manual machine in anything but manual mode but what do I know...........
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        You should be able to create the circles and construct a line between them and insert a dimension; Angle; from Line to whichever Axis you want to help with the rotation angle


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