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    I have been working on getting 3.7MR3 to work on a Sheffield RS50 since the first part of August. I have asked for help from B/S about the problems that I have been experiencing. They ask for a debug file and you never hear from anyone. Can anyone help me in Forum Land. The biggest problem is the way the probe moves in 3.7MR3. It moves like a robot. It moves and stops before at proceeds to the next location. It does not move smoothly and it increases the time to run a part. I wrote a program in 3.5MR2 and it would run fine. I copy that program from 3.5 to 3.7 and it will not work correctly. If I do the opposite. Write the program in 3.7 back to 3.5 the program will not work correctly in 3.5MR3. Thank you for any suggestion.

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    Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of 3.7MR3? The one you are trying to use may have gotten corrupted somehow. Did you make a copy of your 3.5 folder and install 3.7 into that? That is the proper way. Matt Hodeman has great steps on how to install a new version in the code section of the forum. HTH

    P.S. I am running both 3.5MR2 and 3.7MR3 and have not had the problems you describe. But I am on a B&S Xcel w/ Sharpe 32 controller.
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      Gary, sorry to say, but I think you are SOL. Can you move on to 4.1? Not that that will solve your problem but it can't hurt right? The only reason I say this is I was working on a Sheffield just about a month ago, and it really didn't behave that well either. They were running 3.7MR3. I don't know of any remedies for you, sorry.

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        I have heard this one before and I don't recall if there was a resolve. I think it was also on a Sheffield. Do I understand correctly that your machine is interpolating in "squares"?

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          Do you have fly mode turned on on the one machine and not the other?


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            Yes 3.5 and 3.7 are in different folders.

            I think that is the way it acts 9interpolating in "squares".

            I guess I will move up to 4.1 and if it will work any better.
            Thanks Gary


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              I have a Sheffeild Discovery II and fly mode does not work. I was told it depended on your controller. Sheffeild seems to have issues with PCDMIS. After upgrading to v3.7MR3, I now have to press the "AUTO" button on the RCU before every program starts. In v3.7MR1 & MR2 I did not have to do this. I hear v4.1 fixes these issues. It might fix yours?
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