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  • Catia/DCI License Issue

    We have Catia V5, we use it for various things, sometimes need to use step translator module.
    The step translator module has it's own (floating) license, so we only have one, we share.
    We have never had a problem with always requesting the step translator module in Catia, Catia always seemed to know when it was available to use (only one person can use it at a time).
    When using PC D-MIS DCI however, even though there is no need to use the step translator when using DCI.
    PC D-MIS seems to grab the license and nobody else can use it, till we identify which machine is "using" the license, close PC D-MIS, open Catia, change the licenses requested, close Catia, Open PC D-MIS, open file and resume.
    Has anyone else noticed this ?
    Seems like it's a bug, why would PC D-MIS take all Catia module licenses requested in Catia, even though they are of no use in PC D-MIS and Catia is only being used through PC D-MIS for DCI ?

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    check if the STEP license is an "add-on" as opposed to "shareable", if its the former it will attach itself to the catia configuration


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