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  • and what ever happened to....

    what happend to being able to being able to select and hold the shift key and select another item and everything in between would be "selected"

    I'm refering to when lets say you have a bunch of surface points and you want to create a feature set from used to be able to select first and last item and everything in between would be a part of your selection....

    now you have to select each and every item individually....very time consuming
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    New & improved I guess..
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      Shift key thingy works for me. Maybe operator error?

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        what version?


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          I think you are right Bob, but it seems like this is only some dialogs that behave this way. Others allow it (not sure why). Have you tried Ctrl + A for the ones you want to select all?

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            if you select your 1st feature then unselct it then re-select it again then use the shift to highlight what you want, it works. I know it is a lot of work that we shouldn't have to do but it works. It has been this way since 4.0, I guess it is just another work around to get used to. I hope this helps.
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