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  • excess lag error?

    What is an excess lag error & why does it happen? It only happens to me in the manual mode when I'm trying to pick up a job. Sometimes it gives an error in 2 axises & other times all 3. I was hoping someone can explain what this error is and what might cause it. Using PC DMIS 4.1 on a IOTA 2204 w/ a PH9 & TP2

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    It means, basically, that you are trying to change direction too fast, the machine is still coasting, lets say, to theleft when you give it a joy-stick move to the right, at full speed. The controller expects to see the value of the scale going UP, but it is still going down from the coast, so, the machine is 'lagging' behind what the controller thinks it should be doing.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Lag simply means that your machine has not reached a leocation in a predetermined amount of time. For every move there is a prescribed time frame that your machine should reach that location. A lag error means that it did not make it in time. The most common culprit is something rubbing. Check your guards especially around any manual control knobs if you have them. A dirty drive system will do this as well as a worn one or belts that are too loose or too tight.

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        Clean your scales as well. Worst case, you may have an encoder going south.
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          I agree, typically this is a first indication that something is going wrong with your machine.

          This error can be caused by a variety of reason. Many already described in earlier posts. Whatever it comes out to be, you'd better find it and fix it. This will only get worse! Eventually your machine will come down.

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