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  • 4.1 Dimensioning

    We are in the process of testing 4.1, mainly for ppap reasons. Is there a way to dimension true position and have it report the -x- and -y- values without dimensioning them seperately? It is a pain to put it in twice when in 3.7 it puts it all on the report.

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    The XYZ for each of the features should already be in your True Position Dimension's summary. Just below the Datum Shift section.

    Since you probably arent seeing this already, check to see if your using the TextOnly.rpt template? It would say at the top of the Report Edit window which template is being used. You can change this by clicking on a different template in the Report Tool bar.

    Another option would be to use the Legacy Dimensions instead of the new style dimensions, however you should expect to see a difference in the results, because TP isnt calculated the same way between the two styles of Dimensions.
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      The xyz dimensions are not showing up on the ppap report though and that is where the customer wants to see them. I had to dimension them twice to get them on the ppap report. Just wondering if there was a way around that or not.


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        pulldown insert/dimension
        checkmark "use Legacy Dimensions"

        you will have to do this prior to dimensioning your program features
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          When you find a solution to this problem, please let me know! I have the same issue.

          I think, though, that you could fix this by going into the "rules" in the Report. Add XYZ to the rules.

          However, I have found that any changes you make to TEXTONLY.RTP may cause your TP call labels to completely disappear. Hexagon PR number 24410. I heard this may be fixed in V4.1B but for sure V4.2.

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