Locking up V4.1 during edits?

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  • Locking up V4.1 during edits?

    I'm having a reoccuring problem of PCDMIS getting caught in an internal loop or something. Scenario: I Complete programming features, I complete dimensioning of those features, when I go back to edit a feature and save the F9 window PCDMIS will display a message at the bottom that it is loading the report and shows it's progress bar. Even after the progress bar reaches 100%, it will reset and start counting the progress from 0%. This will repeat several times. Sometimes it will recover and let you continue, sometimes it will not and just keeps loooping. Looking at TaskManager, the memory usage continues to climb during this looping. Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas how to either stop it all together or to break out it's looping? Thanks.

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    yes...same thing going on here...no loops involved though...
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      I had the same issue and it was suggested that I turn the printer option off until the editing was done. I have only tried it on one program since this suggestion but it did seem to work.
      Give it a go and if it works, thanks to James Mann.

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