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    I am measuring ID's appox 2.488 inches with loops. I measure the first ID then it shifts in the x direction no problem. It shifts to the center of the ID then when it goes to measure the ID I get a out of tol message. If I am not mistaken there is a way to fix this however I cannot figure it out. Any help would be nice

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    Are you out of travel? What is the message?
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      If you're using CAD model (cad=part), try Edit-Preferences-Setup(f5) scroll down to see if Find Nominals is checked (should be) then look at Find Nominals Tolerance, recommeneded is 0.25" or 5 mm change to larger value if needed.

      This maintains relationship between cad + part. Sometimes it will act up and give you that out of tolerance during measurements.

      Hope that's what you're looking for - could use more info to resolve.

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        ID Out of Tolerance

        You say "it shifts in the X direction". I assume your program aligns to the center?

        So now you have an XYZ origin over 2000 inches from the edge of your allowable travel, and it is trying to measure another ID. Look at the coordinates in the execute window to see the target of travel when you get the error.

        By default, it starts circles a 3 o'clock and wants to measure 360 degrees, but your machine is not that big. You can tell it to only measure from 0 to 30 degrees, otr whatever is appropriate.


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          Now that this board is up again I am so confused :-) But yes I am getting an out of travel error. I shift to the center of the ID of the second part and then when it start to move to measure the ID I get a out of tol message because it travel to far and does not hit anything. The ID I am trying to measure is 2.488 inches dia. I tried the prehit retract to limited sucess I measured 2 pieces the the 3rd messed up. I will just have to keep plugging away til I figure it out.
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            missed a decimal point

            I apologize, I didn't see the deimal point, I thought it was a comma. 2.488 is much better than 2,488 inches. This should work easily. Can you post a copy of your program segment?


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              I don't know if you are monitoring the other site's thread as well so here is what I posted there.

              Originally posted by Goodluck
              Assuming you aren't running out of machine travel... I'm going with increase the check distance also. Of course, if they are that far off then your pre-hit/retract will have to be large or you will crash on the moves at the oposite side of the hole from where you are missing.

              No one has suggested the find hole feature yet. I do believe that if you do a find hole it will drop in at the theorhetical center of the hole. It will then take 3 hits to find the actual center and then run the number of specified hits. This will not only fix your problem but it will also take the hits at the correct vector b/c the three intial hits will \"home in\" the machine on the hole.

              The only problem is that this will take forever to run. It will drop in at the theorhetical center and then move at touch speed until it hits then back to theorhetical center and touch speed to the hit then back to theorhetical center and touch speed to the hit. After those 3 it would run in normal fashion (circular moves between hits and prehit/retract applied)So, as you can see this would be pretty slow for a large diameter.

              A quicker solution would be to measure all the circles manually (3 hits each) at the start of the program. Then, when it is time to measure them dcc align to the manual circle and then pc-dmis will know where it is.
              Another thought, in the autocircle window you can select "read pos" down where you would select "find hole". This will prompt the operator to read the probe position as the center of the hole. So, when you run the program you would get to the prompt and then have to manually move the probe to the visual center of the hole, hit OK, hit no (you don't want to change the nominals) and the circle will measure assuming you are close enough to center to allow prehit/retract to not give movement errors.

              None of these solutions are terribly quick or fully dcc, except for find hole.


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                Ok I will try them. Thanks to all
                Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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                  Are you recalling or inserting an alignment? Check your alignment line and make sure you see the correct 'recall alignment'. I have had this come up blank and the machine uses its 'zero' point and then usually you get a command like this. which of coarse is just another possibility of many.

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                    By the way I got it to work. used auto cirlce and did an alignment to that circle worked fine after that.
                    Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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