Editing report emplates in 4.1

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  • Editing report emplates in 4.1

    I'm trying to figure out how to edit the TEXTONLY template in 4.1 so that when it saves to .RTF file it has .4" left and .5" right margins. When I open the Template editor and click on the text box containing the report information, it appears to be near that size. However when the saved .RTF files are opened with Word, the margins are 1.25" left and right. Anyone have any experience with something like this? Thanks.
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    I believe this happens if you have the DoNotUseAmyuniRTF registry setting set to 1. For good positionining of items in the RTF file, you should set this entry to 0. The trade off for turning this entry off, however, is that it will be harder to edit the RTF report since all the elements are placed into text boxes for precise positioning.
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      I see. Being able to edit easier is better, so I'll just have to live with manually changing the margins for reports we need to send to the customer. Thanks again.
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