Setting width as Datum for symmetry?

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  • Setting width as Datum for symmetry?

    Hi folks
    Might anyone be able to give me a hint on how to approach this? I have a part where the width across flats (Effectively) is marked as a datum, and then a symmetry call out for a bore central to that width. Tried a number of routes, but none are coming out's probably quite am I, unfortunately (
    I have measured the bore as both a circle and cylinder, in case that helps.

    Pic 1.jpg

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    Symetry of a diameter? Consider using position (RFS)...
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      Thanks Roberto
      I was confused by that. I've measured the width and constructed a midpoint line, and dimensioning back to the datum bore from that. I think that should achieve the desired result, at least.

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        You should be dimensioning the hole off of the center of the width. Whether you use a mid-plane or a mid-line, the hole's axis should be within a tolerance zone that is a pair of parallel planes/lines centered on the constructed mid-plane/line.
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          Originally posted by ClayT
          We've found 2010 has issues with using constructed features for XactMeasure Symmetry.
          If you were creating the external planes using measured points to construct planes, then constructing a mid plane/line from those, you might see spurious results.
          I'd take measured points or Auto Vector Points on one side, then Paste W/Pattern mirror to create the opposing face. Then construct a feature set of those points for C.
          XactMeasure is pretty shaky in 2010...
          XactMeasure is just plain shaky, period.
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            And also, for the love of god, get off 2010 if at all possible.....


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              Originally posted by ClayT
              Is there a way to query the dongle to find out what version we can run?
              In the PC-DMIS folder you can find the program custprog.exe - turn off PC-DMIS, start Custprog.exe, look for Expiry Date in the listbox in the middle of the dialog. You can install any PC-DMIS version that came out before your Expiry Date.
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                I've been running 2012 (Release) for close to 2 years now, and am currently testing the latest MR1 SP2(3?) with no issues yet. I see no reason to not go to 2012.

                Caveat: I don't use XactMeasure, so I don't know if that would fix the above apprehensions with the "shakiness".
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                  Originally posted by ClayT
                  Does this mean we can run 2012? (Do we want to run 2012?)
                  According to the link below, 2012 was released the same day your license expired. I would guess you'd be able to install 2012 up to the latest SP, but not MR1


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                    So, what do you guys like to do?

                    Contruct Width or Plane on one side/plane on other side Construct midplane OR Construct points on one side/points on other side the construct plane in middle?
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