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    We are thinking of upgrading to 4.1. And would like to get some feed back on likes and dislikes. Going from 3.7 mr3 with a sp25 probe.

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    From most of what I hear, just wait a bit. Reporting is a HUGE bug-a-boo with many users still and the migration of programs from old to new sounds like it has issues as well.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      I'm not sure reporting is going to get easier. It is more and more an object based thing. Managers love to see fancy pants reports and when you walk into their plant with a software demo that spits out the fanciest you prety much have a sale. Hexagon knows that and works it well (from a sales standpoint). Look how they pushed Hypereporting. All of this is done without concern for the programmer. I think object oriented reports are here to stay but there needs to be a basic "for dummies" form for those that don't want to dump all of that time into it. Who wants to spend hours trying to create a form especially if you are a new machine owner that barely knows PCDMIS?

      Check out James Mannes, Jan D and \v/inston, they have given some good feedback and tips on 4+. I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that stand out in my head anyway.

      Good luck

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        I agree as well. I don't need the fancy "reports".
        At present, I'm still running ver3.7mr3. The only type of report that I require is the old fashioned ".rtf" file.

        I take these files and import them into my "data crunching" software with no problems.
        I take screen dumps of the various measured features, using just the feature lables, so that people looking at the final report know what and where I've taken as measurements.

        Never mind the "fancy" stuff. Just make the software work correctly, i.e., no bugs.

        Best Regards,


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          Tell you the truth, I don't have many issues with 4.1, and as far as the reporting goes, I am quite happy with the stock reports ( added a few things but nothing that hurt my head).

          James Mannes


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            It's getting there. I consider V4.1 definitely workable. However, I suggest that if you can, hang in there just a little longer. There are still some issues being worked out. Right now, every rev is a major improvement. Especially in reporting. But Hexagon seems to diligently knock them off. I have higher hopes for V4.2.

            If you have to upgrade, don't hesitate. V4.1 wil work for you. But do not expect a smooth ride to the fringes of what Reporting can do for you. They still have a looong way to go there. But like James, if standard reporting works for you, go for it!!!!

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              I am more enthused with 4.1 than most of the other releases. It has more upsides than downsides for once. The reporting is overwhelming at first, but after a while it becomes less threatening, then challenging. Try it, but hang on to 3.7MR3. It still works nearly as seamless as any since 3.206 did.


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                Version 4.2 will add some additional ease-of-use functionality to Reporting. Essentially, you will be able to create a rule-less report called a "Custom Report". In effect it's a report that doesn't use the report template nor the rules tree editor. You merely drag and drop what items you want to appear in the report from your Summary Mode. In addition there will be the ability to migrate legacy reports (hyperview) into the current reporting environment.
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                  Scanning !

                  Here's something that might be helpful - version 4 (4.0 and 4.1) will not run scans that were created in 3.5. It will run the other statements in the program, but not scans. This was replicated by BS. They said it will be fixed in 4.2. I'm still using 3.5mr2.

                  Here's my post from 10/05:


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                    Does Wilcox have a release date for 4.2?
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