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  • Constructing a cone

    Is it possible to construct a cone from two circle's in a program? I have a part that i'm trying to find the diameter at a certain height on an angle. So i figured i could construct a cone and find the intersecting diameter, but it's not letting me construct a cone. It is telling me the math doesn't work because the two diameters are perpendicular to the plane?

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    I think a cone needs 3 or more circle to construct.

    I was wrong
    Tried and didn’t work. I hit F1 and yes need to build from points or auto feature.

    Good one Nano

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    sigpic Now I see it from your prospective.


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      I don't think you can construct a cone from two circles. It has to be points. You can try extracting the hit points from the circles you created and use those to create a cone.


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        Use AUTO cone for the feature, create a plane at the top surface where the cone ends. Offset the plane to the depth you want and make a constructed circle ?


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          Thank you everyone the points from the circles worked


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