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  • 4.1 Operator Mode Question

    I'm getting the File Manager window when I open in Operator Mode, instead of the Marked Sets window. After you navigate and open a program, the Marked Sets window opens. How do I change it so when I open the Operator Mode, the Marked Sets window is the only thing that is displayed? I don't want the operators to have to navigate/browse to find their programs.

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    I'm not sure that is an option. How do you intend to allow for sellection of a program? Or is this dedicated to 1 part? Or is it just the file browsing that you want to keep them away from? I don't think you can even delete the File Manager Icon in the marked sets window (I tried it).

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      How do you intend to allow for selection of a program?
      Through the Marked Sets window. I was told older versions launched only the Marked Sets window when opening Operator mode.

      Or is this dedicated to 1 part?
      No, multiple parts.

      Or is it just the file browsing that you want to keep them away from?
      I just don't want them to have to file browse to find the programs when you can have the icons in the Marked Sets window for easy access.


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        I see what you are doing. You have one program that contains marked sets for multiple parts. What version? I run Operator mode on one machine here that is 3.2063 and it has the File Manager. You could use Excell to make a form with one button that launches PCDMIS, then opens the one program with the marked sets but then you still face having an icon for the File Manager. I don't have anything to offer in regards to that icon. If you want to go an alternate route you could do a front end with VB, Excell or Hypereport (if you are <4.0).

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          I'm running 4.1. The file manager icon in the marked sets window is fine, I just don't want it to open when operator mode is opened. I'll play around with your suggestions.

          Thanks for you help.


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