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  • 4.1 question

    We have just started using 4.1 and have noticed that when opening a program copied from 3.7mr3 the cad view shows the labels for all tooling balls in the right spot, but will draw the manual alignment balls in MCS.
    If you update(f9) the manual features, it will draw them in the correct spot but will ruin the dcc alignment.
    Has anyone noticed this or found a solution?

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    Ours leaves the last feature of the iterative out in some other county. I haven't figured a solution yet. Also, some of our slot checks draw the measured wireframe location perfect, while the actual numbers show it to be off location considerably. But the biggest obstacle we have found is the size of the reports. Even after stripping out all bitmaps, etc., the rtf file sizes of a "textonly" are well into the thousands of KB . In fact they are usually as large as the cad file! Something tells me the reporting is going to be the biggest hassle of 4.1. Other than these problems, it actually seems to function pretty well for us. Hopefully as more folks get the time to try it out they will figure out some solutions. I can't spend countless hours working on bugs...


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      Just gotta get my digs in...
      When they re-instate "Full Report Mode" I will try 4.whatever.
      I hate the 4.1 rerporting.
      Lately, it occurs to me
      What a long, strange trip it's been.

      2017 R1 (Offline programming)


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        We solved the printing issues based on a post by \v/inston(thanks), found by searching for printing. The basic .rtf report seems to be fine now, but it seems to take more work than needed to get there.


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