Z-Axis motor keeps going bad.

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  • Z-Axis motor keeps going bad.

    I have a issue with a global image 5-7-5 running V3.7 MR2. About a year ago the Z-Axis started vibrating during movement up & down. As this was happening I noticed the Z axis motor was extreamly hot. I put a call into Hexagon & they sent over a new Z Axis motor. We hooked it up & everything was fine until about a week later it started happening again. This time Hegagon came out to look at it. They hooked up another z axis motor & let it run for a few hours. Everything seemed fine so the tech left. After a few days the vibration started to happen again. Hexagon might have even came out & replaced the motor again I honestly lost count. One of the visits they also replaced a "board" inside the controller. Anyway the end result was that the root cause whatever it may be was never fixed. My boss & Hegagon got into a dispute over the cost of the visits seeing as how our issue was never really permently fixed & because of that I just let the CMM sit for a few months. About a month ago I decided to try to fire it up & see what happens, everything appeared to work fine so I started using the CMM again. Well last week the z axis started vibrating again & at this point I have no idea what to do. I dont want to call hexagon & have them come replace the motor so it will just burn out again. I believe there is something internally causing the z axis to short out. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen before? Or does anyone have any advice on what to do?

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    Check for proper z axis counterbalance pressure. Check for clean z axis ways and free z axis movement (goes along with the counterbalance). Do you "park" it at the end of axis travel (against the hard stop)? Don't.

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      The overspeed error is what pops up right before it starts happening.


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        We had this issue with an old Xcel and it ended up being the counter balance was not working correctly. We replace it and we din't have any more issues prior to me leaving the company.
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