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  • PC-Dmis Programmer Needed! Central KY

    I have an immediate need for a cmm programmer with PC-Dmis experience. This is a contract position which will last approximately 3-4 months. We are running 3.7 MR1 CAD ++. Some programming will require the knowlege of using cad. I am willing to train individuals who are not familiar with the cad aspects, but this person must be very knowledgeable of the rest of the software. Since this is a contract position, I am very flexible on the hours and will consider part time positions. However a set schedule will be required to allow for the planning and scheduling of the work load. We are located about 30 minutes east of Lexington, KY. Interested parties should contact Russ Griffith at 859-552-8280.
    I might not love my job, but I love the ones it feeds!

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    can you pay me with beer?


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      Official: Winston is ineligible for this position. LOL
      I might not love my job, but I love the ones it feeds!


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        You and PCDMISRON should get together. And since I'm referring you to him, I should get a cut
        I used to be high on life but I built up a tolerance.

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          Used my brackets and never even considered me! Man, do I ever feel used. Just kidding I not allowed to do any side programming anyway. Good luck not many programmers in the region. I will have the couple I know contact you.


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            Actually, I was talking about you today, and was going to give you a call.
            You are right at our back door. That would be perfect.
            I might not love my job, but I love the ones it feeds!


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