Calibrating new built stylus.

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  • Calibrating new built stylus.

    How do I fix measured probe diameter error exceeds the limit?

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    Check probe stylus for damage or dirt. Check calibration sphere for damage or dirt. Make sure that the calibrated size of the sphere has been enter correctly in the probe setup. Clean / replace / update as needed. Evaluate limits.

    By the way form is far more important than the probe diameter. The probe is just a giant on/off switch with some dead band (slop) in it. The purpose of probe calibration is to determine the effective diameter of the probe taking into account the dead band as compared to the known size of the calibration sphere. The effective diameter is what is compensated for when a point is taken on a surface.


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      Thanks for your prompt reply.


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        How far off is the result of your qualification? Can you post them?
        There is a place to set the allowable deviation, but I'd rather know more before telling you where that is.
        When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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          possible wrong diameter ball?


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