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    Can PcDmis be set to observe either of these Standards, ANSI or ASME when the user builds a gauge/tolerance and determine the validity of the feature control frame entries? Or does PcDmis just build it "whatever"? example: 28x profile A|B(m)|C pattern of shaped holes with secondary datum @ (m), which is not allowable on a pattern profile per ASME. This example is just a bad GD&T print callout, but will PcDmis try to evaluate it?
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    So far as I know, DMIS will just measure it. It's up to the programmer to interpret the part prints GD&T. (And settle the usual "That's not what I meant." arguments.)
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      I believe most of the math in PC-DMIS is taken from the ASME standard, I know that in order to do the callout as you described in most versions except 4.1, you usually need to create a feature set from all of the features in the pattern.

      I think you would receive seperate results for each feature if you tried this in anything but 4.1, or even an error message perhaps.

      The new dimensioning feature in 4.1 will do these types of callouts in a snap, and as far as I can tell, the math seems to be pretty good in the cases I have been able to experiment with so far. HTH


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        DCC: I am helping with a supplier using 3.7MR3, it does not seem to output a "pattern" evaluation. I concur that further gauges need to be in place for this version. They have a copy of 4.1 in 'offline' but not on the floor so I did not dig into that possibility.
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        v2.1 then Hibernated from PcDmis
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          I do not quite understand the call-out you describe, so I can not comment on the validity of the call.

          What I can tell: in 4.1, using ExactMeasure GD&T, if the call is not valid, it will NOT allow you to enter it. I find that helpful. Now the question is: does it follow ASME or ANSI? I am not sure.

          I find the XactMeasure GD&T a HUGE improvement over anything I have seen before in industry. If Hexagon manages that piece of the puzzle correctly (like being able to distinguish between good and bad calls), I think that this addition to the code is more than enough justification to buy/upgrade. There are still problems with it, but I get the feeling these are diligantly being knocked off.

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